On the Silk Road (4), by Ayub Souza-Ali Jaff

Now take nothing away from Tashkent, it is a beautiful city in it’s own right, but during the trip to Samarkand and Bukhara, I witnessed architectural beauty which quite simply took my breath away. On previous travels I have seen monuments/structures such as the Hagia Sophia, Eifel Tower, Berlin Wall, Burj Khalifa etc. but without a doubt none can compare to the scenery at Registan in Samarkand. To stand in such a historically significant place and just stare in awe at the three different madrasahs was sublime, it was at this point where it really hit me that I was right at the heart of the silk road where historical figures like Marco Polo had conducted their trade. However, Registan was not alone in exuding such historical prominence and mesmerizing its visitors with beautiful architecture, another highlight for me was the Gur-E-Amir mausoleum which was not only stunning from the outside but once you walk inside you encounter the tomb of not only the great ruler Amir Temur but also his sons, grandsons, and mentor.

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