Eyeopening and Unforgettable, by Jenna Hardwick

Well, there it was gone. I’m currently sat on the first of two planes on my way home to London, after an amazing 10 days in Uzbekistan. There are not enough words to describe the experiences and beauty of this country but I’m going to give it a go, but first I’m going to quickly reflect on the last day.

So yesterday we spent the morning at the local bazaar, where we bought all sorts from traditional jackets, ceramics and pictures to carpets and instruments! As soon as we arrived at the markets it was clear to see the culture of Uzbekistan spilling over, from stool owners trying to sell you various antiques to learning how to haggle on prices, although as obvious visitors to the country, we didn’t always get it as cheap as some of the WIUT students, so they soon offered their help to us. The afternoon was spent in the University and involved a closing ceremony, where we all received our certificates and had the chance to feedback on our experience of the Summer School. After that we spent the rest of the evening eating more Palov and socialising, before saying our final goodbyes and heading back to the dorms for our final night, ready for a 4am journey to the airport.

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