Hanoi: Reflections by Desiree Buraschi

Since I moved to London one year and a half ago, I’ve decided that I would take any opportunity to travel around the world, no matter how.

My university, which I’m deeply thankful to, gave me the possibility to travel to Vietnam for two weeks for a short-bust module called ” Learning in a international environment”.

Two days before leaving I was wondering how it would be, being on the opposite side of the world with my lecturer and 20 other people whom I barely know. As soon as my fellows and I got there, after twelve-uncomfortable-long hours flight, the sunrise was welcoming us and I couldn’t be more excited.

The University campus was located roughly 25 mins driving from the centre, but the area wasn’t less chaotic. Scooters, cars, bicycles were everywhere at every time. It’s unstoppable. One thing that really touched me is the way people tried to move on, rebuilding something from scratches.

Expectations are always different from reality...

This is an excerpt. To read more visit: https://desireeburaschi.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/hanoi-reflection/