Remembering Hanoi by Melanie-Dimples Synger


Calling the two weeks I spent in Hanoi, Vietnam good, is a serious understatement. My time spent in Vietnam had been an eye opening and to some degree life changing experience. It has enabled me to view the world in a lens that is so different from my own.

Just thinking about the adventure I embarked on with my fellow students and lecturers, still send shivers down my spine, it was a journey that I can never forget. The beauty of Hanoi, Vietnam, was so astonishing, that the only lenses that could do it justice was our eyes.

It was difficult at first as I only knew a handful of people, so it was my time to really step outside of the box and just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen, right? I can now happily say that this trip turned fellow students, into great friends and without them the memories I have of Hanoi, Vietnam wouldn’t be the same. Everyone really helped shape my experience into the best it could be, and it couldn’t be more thankful. For example, without Keletso, I would have never built up enough courage to get on a motorcycle in the busy Hanoi traffic, weaving between cars, buses, trucks and even people. I’ve got to be honest and say, it was so amazing, I feared for my life a bit but I am so glad and thankful for the opportunity to do it.

I must say, Hanoi was far from what I ever imagined...

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