The eye of the mind by tallolaahh

While asking myself where to start respectively what to write about the two-week experience in Hanoi I realized that I ought to begin by stating; No, Hanoi the capital city of the socialist republic of Vietnam is nothing as I imagined.

I doubt that one page could sum up all the self- generated perceptions I had created about the ‘communist’ country that seemed so alien to me and everything I had familiarized myself with. Furthermore I was curious and somewhat hesitant when envisioning our fellow Vietnamese students. How and what would they think of us, behave towards us, talk and moreover study with us? The dorms where another big question mark and it was the first answer I received as we arrived there first thing in the morning. I am not going into my own insecure awkwardness and the anxiety that haunted me prior to the trip. But as some of you remember it was something to Farhang’s that pierced my core and the fact that I did not really know anyone well enough to possibly be sharing a room with that gave me the inner shivers when thinking about participating in this module.


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